I co-author my first book

I'm super excited about the opportunity to be a Contributing Author in the 2nd volume of Blind Spot What They Eyes didn't See with Sonia Poleon and 12 other very inspiring individuals who are willing to share their story of defeat at the hands of someone who basically pretended to be something they weren’t or at the hands of people that painted a picture that wasn’t true at all.

I'm writing about my journey of growing up with a profession very much inspired by my father, not seeing the profession I'm actually passionate about. I'm sharing how I didn't see my passion as profession, didn't believe that I could change and how I ultimately changed from was my "job" for 20 years to a profession that I'm very passioned about, literally from one day to the next.

I have many stories to tell, but I chose this one as I see so many individuals working in jobs they don't like, just to pay their bills and due to the believe that they don't have a choice.

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