... since I wrote here back in September. We have met wonderful people, explored more of Madeira and have officially received the Portuguese Residence, which allows us to stay here no matter what’s the outcome from that crazy Brexit.

We have been able to consistently release one new video per week (that’s 10 new videos) on our Youtube channel, capturing our experiences for ourself and a growing follower-ship.

We just hit 500 subscribers yesterday, but those make only a small part of our active viewers which is really encouraging. We receive more and more really positive comments and messages from true Madeira lovers and even met one couple that is regularly watching our videos while we had lunch in Calheta, which was very unexpected but super special. We have also enjoyed various hikes with lovely people from Germany and Austria which since join us weekly to enjoy those beautiful Madeira experiences while being back at their homes.

During this last 10 weeks, my progress on the Revit Family App was not as steady as I was hoping for, as I hit multiple road blocks that needed some creative solutions.

However, for the last two weeks all the major roadblocks have been resolved and this last few days I have for the first time been able to actually generate custom families directly from the Revit Family App Editor. That’s a huge milestone for me, that I was working towards for a really long time!

There shouldn’t be any major roadblocks ahead, which means that the early access program should finally be possible to start at the beginning of December. I have already promised to so many eagerly waiting customers that they can get their hands on this super exciting new product and I can’t wait to be ready for sending them their personal invite to join me.

The plan is to run the early access program for 1-2 month to get as much as possible feedback and complete what’s missing for the public release at the beginning of 2021.

If you are interested in joining the Early Access Program, please do get in touch with me.

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