A question from this week's James Clear "3-2-1 Newsletter":

Imagine the most important goal or project you are working on right now. Fast forward six months. Imagine the project has failed.

Why did you fail?

The most important project I'm working on right now is Revit Family App.

While anything could happen, I believe the following two reasons (that are in my control) would most likely be the cause...

I didn't maintain focus

I have been "actively" working on this new service since March 2019, but the real focused work started about 2 month ago. This two month and the full, undivided focus during that time got me a few days ago to my first milestone.

While this was a very important milestone, it was just the beginning of a very long journey and the key is going to maintain this undivided focus that got me to where I'm today.

I focused on the wrong things

Until now, all my work was focused on design and development, which are my strong suit. From now on I must divide my resources between this essential product development work and marketing. The latter isn't one of my favourite things to do, and this is the key aspect that I must find a way to transform.

I have a very strong dislike of the typical marketing, the paid one, the one that tracks and exploits user behaviour, the pushy one.

I have a vision in mind, what marketing should be, and the key will be how much I'll be able to "live" that vision on a daily basis in connection with the product development that comes much easier to me.

I've been working on many apps and services before, but this one is the largest and most complex so far. To make it into what I envision, is going to take lots of learning and expansion, which is what I want to write more here on this blog.

Writing helps me to reflect and hopefully adds some value to others that go through a similar journey.

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