After working for more than a year on the upcoming Revit Family App, I'm now getting ready for the Early Access that I have officially announced via my last email to all Revit Content customers and subscribers.

I had the vision for that new product about 10 years ago, and I started to work on it as a side project from March 2019, and full time from August this year.

While I was deep in the weeds, my focus was figuring out the core architecture, the translation of complex issues into simple, abstract workflows, and the UX/UI that brings all that to the user.

During that time I have been working with lots of prototypes that were functional for me to proof a concept, but wouldn't have been helpful or even usable to an user, yet it felt like it's close to ready for users.

That's where I drew a line and set a date to pull back the curtain for a small group of early adopters. There wasn't any serious evaluation of remaining tasks or anything like that, I just set a date 2 weeks into the future.

That set date is December 8th, which is in two days from now and while it's tight, it's also not impossible to be ready as promised.

What does ready actually mean?

Revit Family App is a long term project, which I am hopefully going to work on for the years to come.

Revit Family App is a platform with endless possibilities to create value fur architects, designers, surveyors and everyone else who works with Revit and Revit Families.

My ideas are literally endless and so I hope that whatever I see as being ready today is just the very beginning of a very long, exciting journey.

"A journey", that's exactly how I want to see my work on Revit Family App.

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