A few days ago, I received an email from someone who wanted to connect with me via LinkedIn. The email was written in a tone of disbelief that someone wouldn't be on LinkedIn, as that's something every professional is supposed to be on, right?

We are supposed to do a lot of things, and I choose to not do or have most of those, especially when it comes to social networks, no matter if professional of personal.

It really impressed me though, that this person went beyond just clicking a connect button and sent me an email instead, despite the actual message written. It shows that it's easily possible to connect and get in touch even someone isn't on your preferred platform.

There were times when I had an account on every single platform as I thought that's what would be needed to be visible, but I barely used any of them.

I deleted all accounts that I wouldn't actively use; LinkedIn was one of them, together with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest just to name a few.

I'm still on Twitter and out of curiosity of how a social network could look like when created without the need to satisfy investors, I recently started to explore Mastodon.

I'm not actively tweeting or tooting, but share my posts from this blog and projects I work on. It might sound counterproductive and even arrogant, but I would love my work and projects to speak for themselves.

Real connections and my work, that's how I want to be known.

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