Normally I run a week of discounted sale for All-in-One Revit Families, beginning with Cyber Monday, but this year I wanted to extend this offer into the current week.

I could have started from Monday but was too busy working on the Revit Family App, that it was Wednesday before I got to write the "Black Friday" - "Cyber Monday" email.

As soon as I started to write the email, I couldn't stop thinking about the current state of the Revit Family App, and that it would actually be time to share this new exciting product with at least a small group of really interested people.

There is still tons of work to do before it's ready for a public release, but at the same time it's now at a point where I would love to share it with people who are really interested to get their hands on and give early feedback.

I'm myself very interested in the early days of products, their development, peaks behind the scenes etc., so I thought why not getting myself out of my comfort zone and start to share the entire journey from now till the public release.

I could obviously share that also publicly, but it is a first time for me and it's definitely outside of my comfort zone, so I rather start doing that with a closed group and get slowly into public sharing in the course towards a public release (maybe even public beta).

Anyhow, I ended up writing the following in that email to all my existing Revit Content customers and subscribers:

I'm now looking for a group of early adaptors, that would like to get early access and want to get involved in the process of bringing the Revit Family App to a public release.

This group will be limited to 100 people in order to keep it productive and to be able to be in touch individually.

You will get access to a private Slack group, be the first to see and play with the app, and follow the development, design and product decisions and more.

I want to share the entire journey with you.

You will be able to create families for free until the app will be publicly released.

You also receive 250 credits that you can use once the app has been released publicly, where 1 credit will be charged for each family created.

I also decided to make that "Early Access" paid, as I want this group of early adopters to be really committed. I priced it with $249, which is essentially the price for the included 250 credits but also includes complete free use until the public release on top of the being able to getting involved in the product development.

So far a good number of mostly loyal, long time customers have joined the "Early Access" which means a lot to me.

As mentioned earlier, I want to limited the "Early Access" to 100 people, but please check this page in case you would like to join. I'd be thrilled to have you on board!

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