As I get closer to the completion of my transition from my previous CTO role at a NYC startup to working full-time on my own projects, I am experiencing the "letting go", to be much harder than I thought it would be.

I'm used to work on my own projects and have done this full time in the past and during my free time over the last 2 years, however the transition of working for someone else full time to working full time for myself again is something I need to get my mind settled back into.

This is officially my last week and from next Monday all my energy will go into building out my business, which I'm super excited about. This is the moment that I have been working towards for such a long time that it feels somehow unreal, now where it's finally here.

I want to use this week to shape up and think deeper about the right problems to focus on first.

There are basically two main areas — one is my existing product which I want to release a bunch off content updates and bring the quite outdated documentation up to date, including a series of video screencasts for each of the revit families — and the other is my new product that I started development on roughly one year ago.

I think I'm roughly around 2/3 there to get an early preview of Revit Family App released, but can't really say how long that remaining work is going to take. During the last year it was a constant on and off which meant lots of wasted effort in getting back to where I left off. So part of this weeks shape up is to identify exactly where I'm at and break down the hard things that need to be solved and the scope that's really necessary to build out before an early preview release is possible.

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