My wife and I are married for 12+ years and our relationship is getting stronger and stronger. We are both very much into personal development, and one of the programs that we have benefited from the most in our personal relationship as well as with others is Understanding Men & Women from Alison Armstrong. We are still at level 1 but the impact of what we have learned so far has been profound.

Understanding the principles that drive men and women in their masculine and feminine are fascinating and having this knowledge, helped me personally to understand so many of my own past life experiences and mistakes.

"Until we understand the real differences in what compels our behavior, especially under stress, we'll keep bringing out the worst in each other. And never experience the real beauty of both men and women."
Alison Armstrong

Understanding that there is nothing wrong with me or the other person, and that we are by default mostly just acting from our instincts (without it even recognizing), helps a lot in being compassionate and understanding both sides. This creates a whole new level of conciousness and awareness in any kind of relationship, from my wife to family, friends, colleagues and strangers.

This is so profound that I would wish this to be taught to everyone before getting romantically or professionally involved with another person. We learn so much theoretical stuff in school, but the principles of how we interact and communicate between each other is something that is left for everyone to figure out on their own, causing so many unnecessary conflicts and disappointments.

Before we started Alison's curriculum we listened to her audio books The Amazing Development of Men and Understanding Women, which was a really good starting point, but if you are interested in that topic (which I highly recommend you to be) there is also some free stuff to get started.

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