Hi 👋,

I'm a programmer and maker, currently working as senior Ruby developer & technical lead at ON, while slow traveling the world 🌏 with my wife.

While programming was one of my favourite things to do since my early teenage years, I was actually growing up in the building industry biased to become an architect. I worked in all areas from technician to super vision and project management for almost 20 years, and while I love architecture and design, I was always more passionate about everything involving computers rather than the building industry.

It started in college when my class was the first to use AutoCAD for their graduation and continued with the development of various AutoLISP programs to generate doors and windows for small to large scale AutoCAD projects in the years to come. I used AutoCAD from the early days in school, assisted our teacher(s) in CAD classes and taught my own classes after school to architects and engineers in adult education programs.

I started to program during college and despite me working as architect I was most of the time also a freelance programmer for various clients including McDonalds. At the time I wasn’t actually present to the fact that I could (or should) have gone full time as programmer instead of being an architect. But you never know what it was good for…

That all changed when my wife and I moved to the UK in 2008, where I focused more and more on programming and went finally full time as programmer in 2011 (it’s never too late “to do what you love” for a living).

Since then I worked as iOS and Ruby developer in mobile agencies, as freelancer for various startups, as CTO for a startup in NYC and lately as senior Ruby developer & technical lead at ON.

At the beginning I regretted that I “wasted” so many years in a profession that I wasn’t passionate about. However today I have a very different view and I’m actually really grateful for my unconventional journey as I gained expertise in so many areas that made me to the software developer that I’m today, with a strong background in project management, design and product development.

I wrote my full story as one of the chapters in the 2nd volume of “Blind Spot What They Eyes didn’t See”.

You can get in touch with me via Email or Mastodon.