I’m more often than not sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper or screen, attempting to write.

While I want to write, I have always the same story in my head ...

it was just another ordinary day, writing code all day long

While it’s true that I’m writing code all day long, it’s not true that those days are ordinary. Just the fact that I’m able to dedicate all day to do focused work, is not ordinary.

I have been working for digital agencies and startups, and the thing that everyone struggled the most was to actually do long stretches of focused work. This wasn’t possible because of constant interruption through meetings, calls and just the fact that we were working in open plan offices.

I’m now working full time on Revit Family App, which is my own business, and I work with my partner in an asynchronous way, having little to no meetings.

We are currently in early access and just weeks away from a public launch. There are daily new ideas, and challenges that need to be resolved. Those challenges might be technical, requiring some creative solutions, or in areas that aren’t my strong suit, like marketing.

The point is that every day is different, and saying otherwise means not paying attention to nuances where something can be learned from.

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