Well, 6 days later...

I wrote my last post on 2nd of January, which means that my daily writing lasted exactly for 2 days.

I'm writing for myself and I'm somehow disappointed that I let daily life get into the way of taking the time to write on my blog.

So here I am asking myself, why do I actually want to get into a daily writing habit?

Writing helps me to clarify thoughts and I use writing on a daily bases for my work to break down complex issues and figuring out what's next.

I write those things for myself and don't share them, not entirely sure why though.

I want to become better at sharing my thoughts and my work, which I'm currently very hesitant.

I started to listen to Ray Dalio's "Principles", where he shares about his cornerstones of "radical truth" and "radical transparency", as I want to develop those clear principles for myself.

While I'm fully aligned with the "radical truth", the "radical transparency" is something that I find really challenging. I see more and more solo founders, and businesses from small to large, embracing this for their businesses and I really admire them for doing it.

I want to find a balance that works for me, and that's also valuable for other, just in case someone comes across my writing one day - remember it's my secret place and I'm very hesitant of sharing :-)

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