I was resisting doing this for quite some time but my wife was so excited about it, that she kept pushing me regularly towards scheduling it.

Yesterday while being in Calheta, we quickly recorded an instagram story as invite and when we came home we sat down and scheduled it on Youtube for today 6pm GMT.

We just ended the stream, and it was amazing to connect with our community, truly special and inspiring.

My main worry was that it would be awkward, that we wouldn't have enough people attending, etc.

We had 32 people tuning in! It was so amazing to connect with our lovely community, answering lots of great questions and also getting lots of recommendations.

While I was worried beforehand, it was hard to end the live stream as I was so excited and invested in the conversation.

I loved it!

If you are interested, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

Now I'm super excited, and can't wait for our next one :-)

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