2020 is coming to its end, and 2021 is just around the corner, which I am going to write about in a separate post.

Today's post is about the importance of daily practice and how I want to establish a few daily practices in order to build new habits and achieve my goals in 2021.

Earlier this year I went full time on my own business and one of the most valuable habits that helped me in the transition from working for someone else to working for myself was the (almost) daily practice of journaling.

I replaced all my productivity tools with just journaling, reflecting on what's most important to focus on, reviewing what I was actually working on the day(s) before, and figuring out complex issues, all in one single act of writing (almost) every day.

Simply writing about my work, my ideas, my next steps, etc. has been more effective than any to-lists and GTD system that I had used before.

I want to use this powerful practice to focus & achieve the following in 2021:

  • write daily on this blog
  • get my business to an average of $15k MRR
  • pay off all my depts
  • get my international sailing license
  • travel again (with focus on getting sailing practice)

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