It’s now the second day since I’m back full time on RFA after a freelance related break, and to be honest, the first day totally sucked.

I felt totally overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to compute all the 3d vertices in the most efficient way with the least number of faces, while implementing a custom sweep geometry in the upcoming RFA editor. I started the day late with a weekend style breakfast and the quite hot temparetures during the day just made me want to do anything but code.

Rather than making myself wrong for not being productive, I acknowledged the fact, and did my very best to just use the time for a walk, some food shopping and catching up on some reading, watching and listing of bookmarked content.

Today started intentional with a morning run at 7am along the new coastal road, followed by a shower and a much shorter breakfast then yesterday.

This morning routine felt refreshing and put me in a much better position to start working on the complex issue that I couldn't wrap my head around yesterday. While still challenging, it felt somehow effortless today, working step by step towards a solution. I kinda figured out the now implemented solution during my walk to food shopping yesterday, so while this felt unproductive yesterday, it helped a lot to make today a productive day.

There are still a few key features that I must figure out and build in a simple but functional way before I get a better handle on a realistic timeline for the planned early access. However, today's progress gave me definitely a positive push in the right direction and I just have to acknowledge that it takes a few days to transition form freelance iOS work back into some complex web development.

It takes time to transition between domains and there are bad, non productive days in between, that's just a fact.

Today's temperature during the day was also much more comfortable than expected. The weather forecast showed the hottest day of the week which was supposed to feel really humid, however it wasn’t that bad and the portable vent we have next to our desk was actually enough to feel comfortable. Towards the end of this week, the temperature is supposed to go down with some rain forecast for the weekend, which sounds really refreshing after 2 month of nothing but sunshine. Not complaining, just saying...

Lauza started to edit our next YouTube episode yesterday, which should go out this coming Thursday. Tomorrow I'll focus on cleaning up today's editor implementation and focus on coding more or less during the first half of the day, while editing our next episode together with Lauza for the rest of the day. This is something that I truly enjoy every week, so looking forward to it...

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